Revenue? - $550,000.00 CAD

You can put all your eggs in one basket


Live here, rent here, run a business here, or do all three

Welcoming exterior


Plenty of parking and excellent frontage

Look closely


Painter not included

127-133 Dawson Drive, Faro, YT

$525,000.00 CAD

This building has had substantial upgrades. Built in the 1970s it has since been given a sheet metal roof, new doors and windows, new furnaces, upgraded plumbing and electrical as well as paint and flooring. As with our other buildings, prices will be increasing as improvements continue.

127 & 129 Dawson Drive

These two units are in ready to move in condition as can be seen from the two slide shows above. We would consider selling them furnished.

133 Dawson Drive

We have begun work on this end of the 4-plex (the right side when viewed from the front) with the intention of turning it into another guest house or related business.

Are utilities reliable?

Yes, they are very reliable. In fact, should the power go down somewhere on the grid, Faro has a standby generator more than big enough to power a town of 2,500 people. This also means that our water pressure will be maintained as well.

$ ???,000.00

As our clientele has been growing consistently year over year, we are now employing this site as part of Far-O-Way Guest House. Interested in buying the buildings and the business? Let's talk.